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Camelback Mountain via Cholla Trail Phoenix

We were in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl, and before we came a friend who knew I like trails said, "Be sure and climb Camelback while you are there." So, I got online and found the destination. I found the Echo Trail was closed so that left the Cholla Trail.  On January 1 before the game we rode around Phoenix and found the trailhead off 64th Street. Literally hundreds of people were coming and going down the street to the trail. I began to appreciatehow so many took on the challenge of the climb on a day off. I resolved to make the summit the next morning.

I rose before dawn grabbed a bagel and cup of coffee and headed to the trailhead. It was 40F and crystal clear. A little breeze kept me cool waking/jogging to the trailhead. My 5.5 hours of sleep after the game did not seem to affect me, and I got fired up about making the climb. I allotted 2hrs for the round trip hike to make it back to the room to check out with the group to make our flight. I made the round trip from…

6 Rules of Transition, 1-3

2013 was a year of transition for me. I retired in June from local church ministry as Senior Pastor of Legacy Church, Plano, TX after 26  years of service with them. That same month I begin to serve with B. H. Carroll Theological Institute as Vice President for Advancement and then in October of this year I was elected to serve as their President. My climb of Mt. Rainier in August was easier than those changes in many ways.

Transitions are part of life, and how we navigate them is the key to our success and our ability to stay faithful to God's call on our lives. Someone once said, "Change is easy. It's the transitions that will kill you." God is a God of change. God creates it and allows it to happen in our lives. As a servant leader who serves a group of people who are on mission with God, transitioning to adapt and embrace those changes is the bridge to how well you move forward together.

Here are six rules of transition I have learned through the years. (I will co…