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4 Things I Learned in 25 Years of Ministry

This past Sunday, Legacy Church blessed my family and me by celebrating our 25 years of ministry with the church. We were humbled by the kind words and gifts, but most of all we were reminded of how good God has been and that people are the why behind the what and how.
So, what have I learned in 25 years of ministry with one church? There are too many lessons to write about now, but here are four big ones.
1. God is faithful to those he calls to serve. (1 Cor. 1:9) Never once in 25 years of service have I doubted God's faithfulness and presence. His call for me to serve in full-time ministry and his specific call to serve with Legacy has never wavered. I have questioned the circumstances I thought he allowed, and I have made messes I wish I had not created, but I am convinced that no matter what, God does not abandon those he calls on mission with him. Trust him.
2. Relationships matter most. While I lean more to tasks than people in my ministry style, I do know without a doubt th…