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Present Perfect, A Review

A friend gave me a copy of Greg Boyd's Present Perfecta while ago when I did not read nor return the one he lent me. I get a lot of book suggestions, and I seldom feel compelled to read another one beyond what I need to read for my teaching at Legacy and beyond.

What started as a gesture of friendship turned into a new level of intimacy with God and an awareness of God's presence in my life and others. Boyd builds his case for living with God in the now on the writings of Frank Laubach, Brother Lawrence, and J.-P. de Caussde.

Boyd claims based on these authors,

...that remaining awake to God's presence in the present moment is the single most important task of the Christian life and that no spiritual discipline is more foundational or transforming than this one. (18)

That's quite a claim, but Boyd supports it with his own insights that makes it viable for all who claim to know and follow God.

We live too much in either the past or future, according to Boyd, and by doing …