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Jesus and the Heisman Trophy

My wife and I are Baylor Bears. ('75) My youngest daughter, her husband, and my oldest daughter's husband are Bears. (My oldest daughter is an Aggie, of whom we are equally proud.) The buzz in Baylor world--as you know unless you have been hiking in the Himalayas the last three months--is that the Baylor quarterback, Robert Griffin III was chosen as the 77th Heisman Trophy winner.You can only imagine how excited we are as a family and alumni of BU.

A small, private Baptist school in Central Texas usually lives under the shadow of schools like the University of Texas and seldom gets any national recognition. Waco is mostly known nationally for the Branch Davidian debacle, and most sports commentators can't pronounce the school's name like we do. Oh well, they are learning now.

I am pleased RG III received the most votes for the coveted trophy, not because I want to be associated with it and him, but because he and his family clearly give God credit for his success and no…