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Mt Rainier day 2

Day two started early  with breakfast at The Kitchen in Enumclaw, Jim's hometown. We then drove to the Sunrise parking lot on the other side of Mt. Rainier than where we will be climbing Monday. 
 We hiked to Frozen Lake and got lost for the first time on the trip-but not for long or seriously, but glad we have guides on Rainier. 
 You can see Little Tahoma, Cathedral Rock and Disappointment Cleaver, my nemesis from the last trip, from an opposite angle. It was good to see and know the landmarks. 
We got to RMI guides base area in time for orientation and gear check. We met Jeff and Peter (Bridgette later) our guides. Jeff was fun and informative. He will be awesome. 
Off to the day of training on the Muir Snow field.

Mt. Rainier the Beginning

We are in Seattle to make my second attempt of Mt. Rainier. We saw our goal from the sky as we flew in and then spent the rest of the day wandering around in the lowlands constantly looking over our shoulders at its beauty and power.  We had fish and chips at a seaside shop called Spuds and then sat on Alki Beach to eat. Flawless weather and idyllic backdrop to a restful day waiting for the rest of the team to arrive and allowing Jim to host us on his home turf. Why did he ever move to Dallas? (I'm glad he did, but we have none of this to offer.  A ride on the Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry gave us a taste of the ocean and beauty of the landscape and cityscape. I love the international flavor of the population and the culottes that roam the streets like the breezes that come in off the seas. Your own ethnocentricity fades when walking among them.  We made our final purchases at the REI Flagship store with its artificial waterfall but great gear and then headed out to meet the rest of the p…

You have all you need to get started

Ever wonder who to get a group started or form people around a cause to meet a need?

Here is a conversation I had with a friend in facebook.

Bottom line: you already have all you need to start with those you meet with now. 

My Friend:

Hey, any suggestions on how to go about putting together a men's fellowship group? Ideas to get us started and make us successful. Is there "An Idiot's Guide to... " for this? ha ha It is me and some friends and we want to assemble something. Any input or advice is appreciated!
My Response:

This is great! You know about grass root movements and how they start and grow. You probably have all you need in the group to get started

a common cause or interest, [this is what has brought some of you together]
a natural or spiritually gifted leader, [someone who can champion the cause or interest and influence others to do so]
supporters, [those who are attracted to the cause and will help where needed]
connectors, [those who will natura…