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Ashamed of Tim?

I have to jump into the Tim Tebow debate of whether or not the NFL is the place for the Denver QB's PDA (public display of adoration). You can find opinions that believe faith should stay in the church (from the Jerusalem Post) to those who think he's doing is what we all should be doing. Whatever your opinion, USA TODAY sums it up, "Denver QB inspires nation." (Check out the search hits and Twitter post numbers. Astonishing!)

I'm on the Tebow bandwagon. Part of the greatness of his witness is that it is who he is! He's Tim Tebow, an over-the-top, extravert football player who inspires teammates and is a Christ-follower. He's not trying to be someone else or build a platform for his witness. He's who he is, where he is, displaying his love for the Lord. He'll be Tim Tebow the Christian if he has a career-ending injury this Sunday against the Patriots.

I respect him and wish I had a little more of his expressive flair in my witness.

Last week we bega…