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Showing posts from May 16, 2010

The World in Our Backyard

Last Sunday, Legacy Church, hosted our third annual Cultural Fair that celebrates the world in our backyard. Plano has become a multi-cultural community; especially in our neighborhood (75024). We have committed to embrace this change rather than relocate or huddle together in our own ethnic conclave.

We can't call ourselves technically a multi-ethnic congregation a la' Mark Deymaz and others, but if you join us on Sunday, you will see that we are not a "homogeneous unit" gathered to escape our changing world. We look something like the mission field in which we find ourselves.

During our worship Sunday morning of the Cultural Fair, we observed Communion. We celebrate it differently at times, and this week we chose to have people come and receive the elements at five different stations. We took the bread, and the server said, "The Body of Christ broken for you." We dipped the bread in the cup, and the server said, "The Blood of Christ shed for you."