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Showing posts from March 22, 2009

running, riding, and legacy

I'm in the second half of my training to run my next marathon. I have been following the program set out in Runner's World endorsed book, Run Less Run Faster. The premise is that you have three "key run workouts" per week with cross training between workouts. I like the variety, and the cross training fits into my riding routines. The running program is basically speed work, a tempo run, and a long run. The authors have prescribed speeds and distances according to your desired finish time. I have done most of my speed work on the treadmill, which makes me keep the speeds I have set for myself, and I found the tempo runs enjoyable on my usual training trails near the house. Long runs are long runs no matter how you go about them. I recommend it if you are training for a marathon. I'll let you know how I do after the run.

I continue to ride with the Legacy Cyclists as part of my need for speed and group activities-and cross training. We had 18 on Saturday's &quo…