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Good Christian B's, Really?

I have not seen nor plan to see an episode of ABC's new series, GCB.
I do, however, have some comments about what the premise and promotional videos have to say to those of us who call ourselves Christian. If you have hung around this blog long, you know I am not an alarmist nor do I call individuals or groups out, but I need to do a little of both on this one.
The fact that GCB can find a foothold in prime time television and the money to shoot, promote, and air an episode says much about the culture in which we now live.
I must give the writers this much: Yes, Christians have provided those who want to caricature and/or criticize them plenty of ammunition. Yes, some Christians live hypocritical, religious lives. Pick a religion made up of humans and you will find a phony in the group. No exceptions. No argument here.Yes, in the South where Christianity has become part and parcel of our culture and less and less a movement of the Spirit, it is easier to create buffoon stereotype…