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Showing posts from November 22, 2009

barefoot running on trails

While my friends were cycling and running around White Rock Lake Saturday morning, I ventured out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano for my first trail run in my Vibram fivefingers.

I had worn them for a couple of weeks, ran to and alongside the Chisholm Trail near my home, and walked and ran in them on my parent's farm while there for Thanksgiving. But, I had not taken them out on true trails.

I chose the well-worn mountain bike trail at Arbor Hills for my test run. It was closed to bikes because of the mud, but I jumped on anyway knowing I would leave few if any tracks.

I made two loops (with a double loop about half way). I ran for an hour and 7 minutes total. The terrain was varied with exposed roots, rocks, mud and leaf cover. I was cautious at first, but I had gotten the feel of the non-shoes before so it was just getting familiar with this trail. The rocks, of course, slowed me down the most, and the deeper troughs left by bikes were difficult but no different than runni…


Legacy's English Language Program hosted its annual Thanksgiving Feast Sunday night. It is one of my favorite nights of the year because we see the extent of our ministry in the community in the faces of those who attend.

Legacy people turned out to cook, carve, serve drinks, and host tables for our guests. They even love to tear down, set up and carry out the trash. I love the servant hearts of those who are Legacy.

Students from the 6 level of classes ate, talked, and read Psalm 100 in their native language. We heard the Thanksgiving Psalm read in Bengali, Japanese, Gujarati, Armenian, Farsi, Tamil, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Malayalam, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese.

Here's a picture of some who sat at our table. So many stories from each life could fill a book. Kim is talking to Professor Wu who came to America as a Communist atheist who taught at a prestigious Chinese university. He came to our ELP ministry to learn English and in the process found the…