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The Summit

Guided by RMI Guides, Geoff and Bridgette at about 0850 PDT on 12 August 2013 we crested the summit of Mt Rainier, WA. Few other thrills have matched the accomplishment and exertion of effort. Although the wind and blowing snow only allowed us about 20 minutes in the crater of the summit, I savored every second.

I carried a flag to honor those on my new journey with B. H. Carroll Theological Institute. I want that flag to represent all who are part of that community of faith and learning as they reach the summits to which God has called them. 

We left Camp Muir about 0100, and began our climb on the Disappointment Cleaver route. By the time we reached the top of the cleaver, three of our group had turned back. As I sat where I turned back two years ago, I knew I would make it unless something outside my control happened. 

The most frightening section of the climb was the section of trail the had you climbing on a 2-foot wide path that led around a blind corner while changing moving bela…

To Camp Muir

Saturday was training day, and for a flat lander like myself who only hikes Class 1 walk ups I was happy for the refresher mountaineering class. We left Paradise parking lot about 10 and made it back to our rooms about 5. A full, but very fun day.  The guides were informative and patient with all of our jokes and jabs at each other. Chemistry matters in group sports, and we have excellent chemistry.   We all now have been trained in self arrest, team arrest with and without an ice axe, running belays, rest step, crampons and more. 
The most helpful exercise to me was walking in crampons on the rock face. The is the terrain of Cathedral Gap and Disappointment Cleaver. We walked both individually and as roe team. I am ready for that challenge this time. 
Everyone completed their training and returned to base without injury and in good spirits. We all should summit, and the gives us all confidence. 
Today, Sunday, we head to Camp Muir, and head out on our summit climb around midnight tonight.…