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Showing posts from March 6, 2011

Cooperating for the Greater Good

While some are mourning the demise of denominations, I continue to be excited about the possibilities of no longer needing to keep our sheep within strict doctrinal and liturgical fences. Finally, being the big "C" church is about the sheep and not about the shepherds.

Another aspect of the crumbling walls of sectarianism and the reviving and re-forming of the church in America is a renewed focus on serving the communities in which we live and work. Being the church is no longer about gathering members but about empowering missionaries to serve where they live and work and go to school.

Cooperation in the larger Body of Christ and attention to the needs of people in our mission field have combined to bring new life to dying fellowships and stagnate churches.

Last year, Markus Lloyd, Children's Pastor and Creative Architect at Legacy Church, led us to partner with three other churches in our community to raise money for an endowment to address the needs in our city. Our ch…