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A New Way Of Living--Is Here!

My next book is here!  (The Kindle version) I am most excited about this one because it combines my love for physical exercise with my love for Scripture and spiritual exercise. 
Thanks to those of you who helped pick the cover. It looks great!
A New Way of Living: practicing the Beatitudes in everyday life, published by New Hope Publishers, is a training manual for spiritual growth. It follows the foundational path of spiritual development Jesus laid out at the beginning of his Sermon on the Mount, we call the Beatitudes. (Matthew 5:3-10)
My goal in the book is to apply what I have learned from running, cycling, and hiking to spiritual growth and wellness. I share spiritual exercises that create margin in our lives so that the characteristics Jesus describes in the Beatitudes can grow and flourish. Just as we develop physical wellness through a series of exercises and disciplines, we develop spiritual wellness through time-honored exercises that allow the Holy Spirit to grow us into t…