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Showing posts from April 6, 2008

MS 150 Frisco to Fort Worth

On May 3-4 I will do another 150 mile ride in the Dallas version of the MS 150.This is my second year to do this ride. Last year I had the privilege of riding with seven people from LegacyChurch and almost 3,000 others to raise money to eliminate Multiple Sclerosis. We believe this is one of many ways we can serve others in the name of Jesus through things we do every day. Here are some pictures and thoughts from last year’s rideA year ago we had three members who started riding in the spring and today our roster is 40 riders strong, with 15 committed to the MS 150 ride.One of our teammates is a 12 year old girl who wants to ride for her Dad who suffers from MS.So we found her an old road bike, fixed it up like new and we’re training her to be able to ride that bike 150 miles over two days come May 3rd.She’ll do it!We ride every Sunday from LegacyChurchat 4:00 p.m. if you want to join us. Not everyone is riding in the MS 150, but there for the fun and fellowship of riding with others.…

I Escaped

We began our new series at Legacy last weekend. As I have planned, lived with, wrote the small group guide, and have begun to teach the series, it has had an effect on me. I don't know that I suddenly have more room for God in my life, but I am more aware of my schedule and how I can be more aware of God's presence in all I do.

Here are some things I did to slow down and make room for God and others:

I finished my last writing assignment last Friday morning, but I kept my 5:30 a.m. start the last two days and filled the time with reading and Scripture. (You'll see the end result in May, and we'll go through it starting in December.)I rode my bike to the office Monday--and back home. It was nice to say Hello to walkers and joggers, and the way I go I have no real fear of unfriendly drivers. (I forgot my computer power cord at home, and had to ride home to get it at lunch. Ended up riding 12 miles on a beautiful day.) I live only 3 miles from the church's campus. By th…