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We are walking through the Life of Christ at Legacy Church. Last Sunday, I walked us through Jesus' Temptation in the wilderness after his baptism. While Jesus' temptations are unique to him as the Christos, or, The Suffering Servant Messiah, they are also common to our experience of temptations to follow our own will and be our own god.

I believe "temptation is the Evil One's offer(s) to seduce us away from God's mission call on our lives." Of course, this presupposes you trust God has a call on your life through Christ and that there is an Evil One--not the Boogie Man sort of Satan, but the Scriptural one who is hell-bent on you doing anything other than love God. The Adversary tried to seduce Jesus away from the Father's call on his life to be the Suffering Servant Messiah. Here's how he did it and does it:

He seduces us at the point of our appetites; and, I might add, when those appetites are at their raging heights! Jesus was 40-days hungry, and Sa…