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Showing posts from December 16, 2007

Jesus and War

Yesterday I offered what was seminal message for me. It was part of our Christmas series, "Enter the Prince of Peace." I wrestled with Jesus' ministry as the Prince of Peace in a time of war. I'm not sure how it settled out for the hearers at Legacy, but I wanted to share my outline with you and invite you to join in the conversation. If you want to hear the message, go here.

The core of the message for me is that Jesus did not come to end war or to improve our lives. He came to introduce a new way of living under the rule and leadership of God. So, His initial message along with that of John was "Change how you live because the kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Jesus will eventually stop war and bring us into an eternal life, but until His return to do that, we live as resident aliens and strangers with the hope of His return and the power to live under His rule and presence. Chime in if you like. Otherwise, thanks for the time to allow me to continue to sort …