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Showing posts from January 31, 2010

Community Based Servant Evangelism

Sometimes I am invited to speak about the things I write about. I enjoy seeing how God works in different groups, churches, and organizations who follow his lead into the mission field.

(The pictures are from my LifeGroup's service at last month's Student Age Parent Program monthly meeting, an example I tell others about.)

Recently, I spent the day with the deacon leadership of Sunset Canyon Baptist Church in Dripping Springs, TX, the site of my LiveStrong ride last October. Dripping Springs is growing like northwest Plano was when we moved out on our current property. I was able to tell them of our early, easy growth but how transfer growth was not what ultimately counted in being the people of God is one's mission field.

We wrestled with questions like "Where do you spend most of your time and energy as a staff and leadership? Internally, on running the organization, or, externally, meeting the needs of your community in the name of Jesus?" I shared Legacy's s…

Barefoot Running Update

i have been running off and on in my five fingers for about 3 months now. i find myself mostly on concrete and grass paths beside hike and bike trails. it's been too cold and wet for true trails.

my most nagging injury was a calf pull that is now healed. they said go slow and stretch to overcome 50+ years of wearing and running in 2-inch heels off the ground. i didn't listen to them. go slow and ease into the distance. they know what they are talking about.

yesterday, i came home and decided to run in shoes since i had been experiencing pain in the ball of my foot and hip. i set out on an 8-mile run, which is a normal distance for me, and i was walking by the middle of mile 7. the pain slowed me to a walk, and i really wondered if i had ruined myself for running any length farther than a mile.

this afternoon at my daughter's encouragement to join her on a 4-mile run, i put on my five fingers thinking, "what could it hurt?" by the middle of mile 3 i was cruising at a…