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At the End of the Day

I did not spend my day cloistered in solitude and prayer. I feel somewhat guilty about that because the saints of old found great satisfaction in periods of silence, and it seems a Day of Prayer and Fasting should be spent that way. I have those times in my life, but not today. I guess you could say we celebrated the resurrection of life a day early by giving new life and color to our flowerbeds and backyard.

After my morning run, I came home to load six 16" pots that would hold plants in them--plants full of variety and color--into the Element. (Got to love the plastic floors and room in the Element for jobs like this.) Kevin and Shannon Stone met us at the house about 10:00. They were the ones who had told us of the flowering treasures and how we could fill our beds and pots with explosions of color and life.

We followed them in our car like kids following friends to a new ice cream store down Central Expressway to the Dallas Farmer's Market. We ended up at Ruibal's Pla…


The crowd's response to Pilate's sign intrigues me. The message nailed above Jesus' head read, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." He had it written in the three primary languages of the region. The religious leaders who wanted Jesus dead and seemed to make up any charge to get him executed did not like Pilate's plaque placed above their sacrificial lamb. I figure if you do whatever it takes to get a job done, you don't complain about it when it gets done--unless you are convinced you are in control.

The religious leaders thought they had Pilate wrapped around their little fingers and could even get him to print whatever they wanted on their victim. But, by then he had enough of their pressure and said, "What I have written, stays." The Roman governor loved the irony and message sent to the masses as they looked upon the crucified carpenter. Pilate gave them what they wanted against his better judgment, so there was no way he'd let them ge…

Early Morning

It's about six a.m. and I am headed to White Rock Lake for my usual run with a group I have met there for years. Today will be different for two reasons. First, it is my last run of any length before the Boston Marathon on April 20; and, second, I will have on my mind the suffering and death of Jesus. We usually joke, catch up, or give movie reviews as we run the 9.2 mile loop around the lake.

This morning, I will remember at sunrise, about the time we start our loop, that the rooster crowed three times and signaled Peter's denial of his Leader and Friend. I will remember that Jesus has been up all night ridiculed and made a joke through a bogus trial process that would hand him over to the Romans to be killed.

I will recall the circus of injustice before Pilate and the screams of the mob to crucify the one who came to show them (me) the love of God. I am the guards. I am the mob. I am Pilate. I see Jesus and turn my back too many time.

This morning although it is crisp, clear an…

A Day of Prayer and Fasting

We have set aside Saturday, April 11, as a personal day of prayer and fasting to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Jesus' Resurrection on Sunday.

If you would like to participate, go to our "current message series" page on the Legacy Church website.

Scroll to the bottom of the messages and click on the links "Easter Day of Prayer and Fasting Guide" and "Fasting Suggestions." Download the docs for your use on Saturday. We will also have these available at our Good Friday service today at 5:00.

I will blog throughout the day on Saturday with my thoughts and prayers with you. Join us on this inward journey of the heart as we celebrateJesus, the Christ's, great act of love on our behalf.

A New Class

I begin teaching my next class for B. H. Carroll tonight. The class will cover the book of Acts and the letters of Paul--in eight, 2.5 hour classes!

We will fly over the material, but like taking a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon, it's better than looking at the pictures in a brochure. Of course, hiking "rim to rim" or floating down the Colorado River are the only true ways to see what's there. I wish we had time to walk through the paths of each of the books, but a fly over is what we have this time. If you would like to join us, it's not too late. Go here for how to sign up. I enjoy walking through the pages of Scripture with those who have been there before and with those who are walking the trails for the first time.

Acts is the perfect follow up to Easter. After Jesus ascended to "sit at the right hand of the Father," the commissioned disciples waited in Jerusalem as he told them. During a season of expectant prayer, the Holy Spirit descende…