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Showing posts from June 18, 2006

a new running partner

After 14+ years of owning lap dogs, we finally got a real dog! She is mostly yellow lab. She's about 3 years old.

We got her from DFW Lab Rescue, a class organization that we would recommend to anyone wanting a lab.

This morning Summer and I took Madison, "Maddie," to the Chisholm Trail and dog park and then home for a swim. She took to the water immediately.

As for running, she was on crate rest with heart worms for a month, and her foster home was an apartment. Running is not part of her routine yet, but she is strong and healthy (thanks to her foster, Carol). She shows signs of endurance, and I am looking forward to extending her walks/runs in the future.

Only one thing I have trouble with: she gravitates to the concrete paths and doesn't like the grass! That's got to change!