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Showing posts from April 20, 2008

Busted in Boston

Boston was great! As you can see in the picture, the day was perfect and I was doing great at mile 4. I wished it had stayed that way, but it never does in a marathon.

Thanks to Christy Youngblood DeSisto and her family who were waiting for me on the course and who cheered for me as I went by! That is her picture. Christy, that meant more than you will ever know. And to have a sign with my name on it. That was a first and a blessing for me! Thanks, Robbo! I did finish, and your encouragement helped.

You can see Greg Sankey running alongside me on my left. He and I were the "grace entries" with adidas this year. I had a great time catching up with him and sharing the entire event together. We were surprised with VIP status this year. I have never experienced that, but the VIP tent before and after the run, the police escorted chartered bus trip to the starting line, and the pre-run rest in the gymnasium was fantastic. Not sure how that came about, but just another serendipity…