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On Remembering Legacy

Sunday was my last day as Senior Pastor with the people who are Legacy Church. They blessed my family and me beyond what we deserve or expected. My oldest daughter reflected on the event and her time at Legacy. I'll let her tell you...
by Storey Wilkes Cook

Sunday, June 2, 2013, served as a beautiful tribute to my father on his last day as Senior Pastor of Legacy Church after 26 years. I was four years old when my daddy stepped into the position, I have witnessed changes, stretching, and growth of this body throughout my life from a front row seat. A constant I have observed through the years is the unwavering character and dedication of Gene Wilkes, my remarkable father, and his steadfast and supportive partner, my mom. Thank you, Greg Sankey for dubbing my daddy as ‘remarkable’. It is a befitting and well- earned title. Kendall Brown is a man who has weathered storm upon storm with my dad and has remained by his side. It is fitting that Kendall opened …