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Showing posts from August 9, 2009

The Summit and Sunday

I'd rather sit down with you over a cup of java to talk about these things, but all I have time for is this blog entry today.

The Willow Creek Association Leadership Summit last Thursday and Friday did what it does for me every year: inspires and challenges me. World-class leaders, like David Gergen and Tony Blair, leadership gurus like Gary Hamel, pastors like Tim Keller and Dave Gibbons, and practitioners like Jessica Jackley inspired and challenged my thinking about leadership and how we do church.

About 20 Legacy folks attended the simulcast at Chase Oaks Church, and we all came away with fresh ideas, questions and conversations about how we lead people on the mission of God in this century and in our global culture. I am still reflecting on all the information and ideas--and nudges by the Holy Spirit--before I blurt out anything. Stay tuned.

Sunday, my message was on Faith:When you hear what Jesus has done, it helps you trust who Jesus is. We saw how John the Baptist, while in…