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Showing posts from June 3, 2012

When You Can't Run or Ride

I have been nursing a stress fracture from running for a little over a month. I injured my right foot about a year ago, but I kept running on it and treating it like a bruise that would eventually go away.
After a trail half-marathon, trail full marathon, and 5K on streets this spring, my foot finally said, "Not one more step until you take care of me." So, I went to the doctor, got x-rays, and she put in a boot for three weeks. No running. No riding.
I began to re-learn life without running and went reluctantly back to the pool to swim but excitedly got back on my back after the three-week required break. To add to this complete stoppage of activity, over a week ago a cable on my bike broke, and I have not ridden once during that time. More no running or riding.
As you can imagine, the removal of running and riding from my life caused me to reshuffle my priorities and find different ways to stay active. I slowed way down, and gained about 4 lbs., a runner's nightmare.