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A Song of Hope

I think the better title for the biblical collection of songs, or, psalms, should be "Songs in the Key of Life," the title of Stevie Wonder's 1976 album. But who am I to suggest something like that?

The Book of Psalms earns that title for me because it reflects every human emotion--in the presence of God! Real people in real time express their fears, hopes, joys, worship and anger at God. No matter what I face or fear a song in Psalms expresses my heart to God.

Last month, we offered a lunch at Legacy to encourage some of those who were entering the Christmas season without a job. Randy Youngling sharedPsalm 27 with the group as a word of hope for all of us.

Since that lunch, I have been living with that song in the key of life. I read and meditate on it almost every day, and since it is on my heart and mind I share it with people when they need a song of hope.

Friday night, I went with some guys from the Friday morning men's group to lead worship with Victor Galvan at t…