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More Reflections on The Island Trip

Two phrases stuck me as I interacted with the students I taught and moved in and out of the city where we stayed.

The first was "the wealth of poverty." Simplicity simplifies life, and there is a place for fewer things when it comes to our relationship with each other and God. If you don't have a cell phone, car, internet access, and don't own a car or your home, you have a bit more time to spend with family and friends.

If you find yourself with little and you have no status, resource or recourse, or wealth, it may be easier to worship the God who has provided what you have and who has given any hope you may have. The wealth of poverty is that things of this earth free you to worship the things of God.

The second phrase applies to my culture of origins, and that is the "poverty of wealth." By all world standards we are among the wealthiest people on the planet. Transport your land, house, and stuff in it (including the garage and attic), and you will be among…

Pics from the Trip

Here's a shot at the church we served with. This was a shot from the Prayer meeting we participated in on Tuesday night. The saying on the wall behind the worship area is "my house is a house of prayer." Prayer is central to the life of the church. I have seldom been in a gathering like this before.

This is what they call in Cuba a BiCi Taxi, and they were cabs in NYC, just powered by people. That's Jim Denison, the pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church of Dallas. The trip rode on the back of their years of work on the island. We taught as part of B H Carroll's Master's program that is now available to the students there.

Here Jim and I share lunch with some of the students. As in all learning settings, it's between classes that much of the learning happens.

Here I am with my translator on the first day of classes out at "the farm," a true farm that was converted into a conference and training center for the entire island. There wa…