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A Meaning-filled Day

Yesterday at Legacy we celebrated baptisms and ended our teaching series on marriage with the renewal of vows for 15 couples. The special part about the baptisms was that one child was a foster child with a family who gave a good word about the blessings of caring for children from families that can't or won't. The other baptism was the biological child in a strong, loving family who also has an adopted child who was first a foster child in their home. I was reminded that the real work of the church is to "widows and orphans."

The vow renewal was special, too. We interviewed one of the couples who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year. (You can hear their story here.) Others had celebrated their 25th and 30th. Others their 7th and 10th. Marriage is a precarious adventure these days. I'm glad we gave everyone a chance to renew their commitments to one another. My outline for the rest of us was that to build and keep trust in a marriage, you must show …