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I Support Operation Beautiful

Today at Plano Senior High School the girls are taking a risk to be themselves by not wearing makeup. As a father of two grown daughters and pastor of a local church, I know the struggle girls face throughout their lives to look a certain way. I don't have to tell you the disorders and personal pain that follow a pursuit of an image you were not created to be.
My wonderful wife, who is a teacher there, is joining the girls today! This is the first time I ever remember her intentionally going into public without makeup except to workout. Her love for the girls and her support of this value motivated her to join the experience.
Here she is this morning without makeup!!! I remember the first time my heart jumped when I saw her. She was walking across campus coming from a PE class without makeup
I respect her for caring enough to look nice when she leaves the house, but I love her for the face she wears in her sleep.
The Bible makes it clear that outward beauty is not the benchmark of…