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Get vs. Give

How do you make an impact at Advent this year? Win the battle of Get vs. Give
Advent Impact at Legacy Church this year is about helping people have a "counter cultural Christmas." We are committed to families helping families, and have begun to bless families with what they need this time of year.
I have been blown away by how God's people have stepped up to provide the necessities and extras for those the church has brought forward as families who needed help this Christmas. 
How does this happen? Are some people naturally more generous than others? Do some have more money and are able to share more than those with less? 
We explored how to win the personal battle of Get vs. Give. last Sunday by reviewing the story of Mary anointing Jesus' feet with an expensive perfume. (You can hear the entire message here.) 
Read the story captured in John 12:1-8.
We observed that: Giving is an act of worship and reflects the heart of God. (See Mary's actions in the story.) To…