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Showing posts from July 7, 2013

The Parade

On a hunch,
I turned off an asphalt path
to descend into a Kentucky creek bed
that wandered through a grove of trees.

October had announced the change of seasons
and trees displayed their mustard-brown, golden fashions.
Earth tones would be "in" again this year.

I stopped on a slope, and
overheard applause in the treetops.
Trunks stood at attention during the ovation
while others bent in awe of the Passerby.
Laser-like rays of sunlight pinpointed the forest's floor
through stained-glass patterns of leaf and limb.

Wind gained momentum from the far end of the tree lined corridor
like an ocean wave mounting an attack upon the beach.
Leaves clapped in crescendo at center stage.
As if on cue, tree after tree cast down golden, orange, and brown
pieces of their best artwork
like the followers of Jesus at his Triumphal Entry.

The air was supercharged with falling color;
A brisk autumn breeze bounced off rock, tree, and stream.
Branch beat against branch, barking out the sound …