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The Missing Person at Your Church

We have started our fall series as Legacy Church. We call it SENT. We are walking through the first twelve chapters of Acts as a reminder of how--like the first followers of Jesus--we are a sent people to tell His-story and demonstrate His life-changing power.

Last Sunday I tackled the topic of the Holy Spirit and how important that Person of the Triune God is to the church, or, ekklesia.(You can hear the full message here.)
I am convinced that no matter the programs, excellence factor, buildings, location, personalities, or marketing you have as part of your church, you will have little to no impact in touching or changing the hearts of those you seek to serve and reach without the Person of the Holy Spirit. You can gather a bunch of people to meet their felt needs and feed them good advice, but without the presence of the Holy Spirit you are only a helpful religious organization.

I the Bible study guide of Acts I wrote for LifeBibleStudy, I said it this way:  A body without a breath …