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Showing posts from August 5, 2007

Feeling at Home Again

I've been back in ministry for a week now. Kim asked me after my first day back how it felt, and I answered, "it was typical." She said, "Typical! What does that mean?" I answered that typical meant it was just as it had been, phone calls, message prep, planning, seeing God at work in people's lives. You know, typical.

I think while I like the adventure and the break from routine of holiday, I prefer typical. As I wrote before, that is where God shows up in the most practical and life-sustaining ways.

This week Marcus and Lisa Lloyd joined our staff to lead our children's ministries and influence our commitment to the arts as a means to worship and experience God. I am very excited about what they bring to the team.

I'm enjoying teaching the Sermon on the Mount. Check it out at the newly-updated Legacy Church message page. Also, Kenyon and Troy were excellent in my absence. Check out their messages, too, if you missed them.

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