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Showing posts from December 2, 2007

Doing Well

We made it to Cuba as planned, and we have had a wonderful four days here. The classes I am teaching are going well, and the students are truly masters level students--Cuba does a great job of educating all their citizens. They are from all over the island and many different theological backgrounds. I am learning as much as I am teaching.

Sunday, worship was authentic and the people are so warm and welcoming. They sing many of the songs we sing--in Spanish--the music is just as good and the musicians as spirited. Last night we participated in a 2.5 hour prayer meeting...amazing. We left about 10:30 from the church and did not feel tired. I know again what filled with the Spirit feels like. The church is the center of the life of the people, and they have over 100 small groups all over the city. Know the ekklesia is alive and well here. I am blessed that what I will come home to is not so far from what I am experiencing here.

The weather is tropical and more like May than December, but t…