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Showing posts from December 14, 2008

Home Again

Kenny and I made it home Thursday night after 20 something hours of travel. By the clock, we left HK at 12:05 p.m. on Thursday and then left San Francisco at 10:30 that same Thursday morning after an 11-hour flight. It was 12:30 p.m. in Dallas on Thursday when we left San Fran. My head still hurts trying to figure how all that works.

Wednesday, we took a day to get out and see the city. Kenny, Bruce, and Jim scoured the city on their own. I wrote that the morning in my room and then ran the "fitness trail" in Kowloon Park, which was across the street from the hotel. I returned after lunch to journal and read in the park. The fountains, sculptures, flowerbeds, and aviary, made for a perfect place to reflect and pray.

"Why don't I do that in Plano?" I wondered. "We have parks." You know some of my answers to that question. Sounds like a New Year's resolution to me.

That evening, we took the subway to The Peak Tram and Park. (Play the one-minute video t…

Hong Kong Deux

Got to Skype Summer and Kim and then Storey, Graham and Cambell. Here's a snapshot from our conversation online. Cambell just could not figure out what was going on. It was great to "see" everyone.

Had to show you a little taste of home here in the Far East. Oh thank Heaven, I'm lovin it!

We stayed in Hong Kong on Monday and met with the pastor of the Kowloon International Baptist Church. Kenny and I visited there the last time we came here, and it was good to be with Pastor Harry and see his staff again.

We returned to Macau on Tuesday and met with Pastor Peter Chan of Macau Baptist Church and three missionaries about partnering with them to train church leaders together. I had tracked down a copy of Jesus on Leadership in Mandarin Monday afternoon and was able to share a copy with each of them. The meeting was productive and informative. Much opportunity and work to do in the days ahead.

We then made a trip to the private school owned and operated by the church. The pi…

Hong Kong II

Kenny Zheng and I are back in Hong Kong reconnecting with those we have met before and meeting new friends with whom to partner. We are talking to a couple of churches about partnering with us to help people trust Jesus.

We arrived in HK on Saturday evening, and the place was decked out for Christmas. It is part of the British influence that remains. (Driving on the left-hand side of the road is another one.) Here is the outside of our hotel, The Royal Pacific, in Kowloon. Christmas Carols in English are piped into the lobby, shopping centers and hallways everywhere we go.

We traveled by ferry to Macau, a once-Portuguese colony, which like HK is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. We visited the Macau Baptist Church, and witnessed the baptism of two women who work in the restaurant industry in the city. The church has English class which they attended and learned about Jesus. It was a wonderful celebration, and we had a traditional Chinese family-style lunch after the servic…