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Becoming Spiritually Fit--Poor in Spirit

In my new book, A New Way of Living, I draw parallels between physical wellness and training and spiritual wellness and training. I want to start us on this wellness program as I see it laid out in the Beatitudes of Jesus.

I believe the Beatitudes provide a path to spiritual wellness that transform us into the "peacemakers" Jesus calls us to become where we live, learn, work, and play. That path begins like a hike to the summit begins, in the valley. But, how does that journey begin?

If the summit of our path is the presence of God that fills our "hunger and thirst for righteousness," then,
The journey into the presence of God begins with the confession "I need help!" It is only when we realize we are unbelievably unfit to stand before God and equally unable to honorably wear the title Christ follower without His help that we are in the most prime position to be used by and for God's will. (66) I believe "the poor in spirit" are "bles…