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a missionary with a corporate sponsor

This past Sunday at Legacy Church, I told the story of a running partner who told me how she had sent an email to her office inviting the women in it to a small group she led at her church. Her plan backfired when one of her peers scolded her for using company resources for religious use. She admitted that was a mistake, but invited her to the group anyway. She went on to tell me how the girl had come to the group, grown in her curiosity about God, and that she attended regularly now.

As we continued to run she told me more stories about how she leveraged her consulting and traveling as a platform for sharing her faith. (She no longer used company email for invitations to her faith activities.) I complemented her for seeing all of her life as a mission field and her network of relationships as her responsibility in serving others in the name of Jesus.

She smiled and said, "I guess I'm a missionary with a corporate sponsor."

I agreed, and that phrase has stuck in my head s…