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Showing posts from July 27, 2008

On "Staycation"

And you thought you had a vacation. Here are some pics from my staycation this year.

Here I am demolishing our front dining room wall that had termite damage since we moved in the house in 1995. We are finally getting around to correcting it, but when we got into repairs we had to take out the entire wall. Now, I need to remember how to hang dry wall, tape and bed, texture and paint...sounds like a job to hire out. (I look like we did when we gutted houses after Hurricane Katrina. Turned out to be good training for this project.)

We took a break from destroying the wall to make a visit to my parents' home in East Texas. It was a great break from all I am doing, and we had a blast.

Here we are playing a form of dominoes called Mexican Train. We played it for hours...that's Ryan next to Summer with the hat on. He's the bf. Kim won as she always does. Maybe it's because she always keeps score.

Ryan also helped us split wood from a fallen tree one evening. It was still 99 degr…

A Bike, A Wedding, and Two New Churches

Saturday morning six Legacy Cyclistsleft the church at 5:30 a.m. to head to Cleburne for a 68.1 mile ride called tour de Goatneck. It was hot, hilly, and hard! Check out the elevation map. Okay, for those of you in Colorado or other places with real hills, stop laughing at us, but this kind of climbing is not normal for those of us in Plano. It was a good ride with everything needed for Monday morning exaggerations as we tell our stories to others.

I got home in time for a shower and nap then officiate Leigh-Anne Graham and Kevin Conroy's wedding here in town. Leigh-Anne and her sister grew up at Legacy and their parents were core to who we were at the time. It was good to reconnect with the family and see their friends. The nap and Advil did the job so I could make it through the ceremony without cramping!

Sunday morning was as unique as I have ever experienced. Stacey Whitt, a former youth minister at Legacy, has begun a mission outpost in his home in Humble, TX. They are gatherin…