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Showing posts from July 1, 2007

An International Flair

I'm in Atlanta the Fourth of July to the sixth for the LifeWay International English Consultants Seminar. Thirteen countries are represented, and I had the privilege of sharing the principles of Jesus On Leadership to this diverse and wonderful group of leaders. I have met new friends from Singapore, Kenya, South Africa and South Korea--not to mention connecting with old friends at LifeWay.

One new friend is Barine Kirimi, the Publisher and CEO of Evangel Publishing House, in Nairobi, Kenya. He has recently published his book on leadership, Rediscovering Leadership. We swapped copies of our books and promised to keep in touch. I hope to see him in his home country some day and have him as a guest in mine. Here I am talking with three of the group from South Africa. They were interested in applying JOL to business settings.

Both mornings I got up and rode with Steve Cretin of E3 Partners, who is here with his wife, Ann, who is an international consultant with LifeWay, to downtown Atl…