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I traveled with some friends to Laos earlier this year to visit a coffee farm we support as Legacy Church. We were not only impressed with the beauty of the country and the work ethic of the farmers, but we noticed a simplicity of life we do not have here.

Yes, poverty, lack of education, and government control hindered their ability to accumulate things, but we saw in the farmers a simple lifestyle for which we at times longed for. No, none of us elected to stay and live that way, but the stark contrast of our lifestyles challenged the volume of stuff we have and our mindless pursuit to get more.

Jesus taught his followers three secrets about how we were created that directly relates to our obsession with things.

Our hearts follow what we value. (Matthew 6:19-21)

Write out a list of those things that you value most and you will find your heart tagging along behind them. You would think it works the other way, but it doesn't. If I value the accumulation of stuff, my heart runs to …