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I'm Hungry, Now What?

Hunger and thirst are two natural desires that keep us alive. Both drive us to food and water that sustain us physically. 

When Jesus looked across the crowd that had gathered to hear him introduce "the kingdom of God" that was near, he blessed those who hungered and thirsted for righteousness. (Matthew 5:6) And, he promised those folks would be satisfied.

In my analogy of spiritual growth in my book, A New Way of Living, this Beatitude is the summit of our spiritual climb to be like Jesus.
Climbing the summit of God's mighty presence is a journey that begins by exposing our tremendous lack of personal resources. And like on a physical climb, when our resources run out, we begin to hunger and thirst. The difference is that in tackling a mountain of spiritual growth, what we hunger and thirst for is refreshment only God can give our craving souls. (130)
Righteousness is a characteristic of God (Psalm 48:10). It describes our standing before God in Christ Jesus (Romans 5:1-2)…