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A Cup of Coffee-Part 2

On our trip to Laos to see and work on the coffee farm, Bolaven Farms, I was struck with the daily life of the people. Culture is played out more in daily habits than in artifacts, art, and buildings.

Laotian families do what all families do, but their conditions are different than ours. I love how children find fun and laugh no matter the condition of their home. (The boy giving the thumbs up and the child in the walker were at a cafe by a tourist attraction. They clearly lived where the family worked.)

Schools varied in size but most were surrounded by dirt fields where the students played and did what students do universally. (This is a typical school house we saw.)

But it is the children that capture your heart. Those that live on the farm will most likely work on a coffee farm much like their parents but their conditions can be much better with the help of Bolaven Farms and those who buy their coffee.

I've included a couple of pictures of the kitchen and food preparation on the …