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Showing posts from December 24, 2006

Williamsburg Vacation

We arrived in Colonial Williamsburg, VA, Christmas Day, about noon, and we tried to see as much as we could but it was pouring down rain! I mean raining cats and dogs as they would say in colonial days. We walked around as much as we could, but soon found ourselves eating at Huzzah'sRestaurant on the property of The Woodlands Hotel where we are staying. A short first day, but a fun Christmas adventure and memory.

Here's a picture of Summer and Kim in front of the Geddy House on Wednesday.

I'm not much of a tourist, but this place is not a tourist trap. It's living history, and I have become engaged in the complexity of Englishmen deciding to break away from their homeland. I wonder if I had become a Patriot or remained a Loyalist. It's scary because as a parish rector, I would have been appointed by the Governor who was appointed by the King. Part of me would have wanted to preach the revolutionary freedom of Jesus while wrestling with Paul's command to honor the…

A Christmas Tradition

We made our annual trek downtown to the Mort Meyerson Symphony Center for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Symphony Chorus' annual Christmas Celebration Saturday, December 23. We have made this trip for the last ten years with a group of families whose children have grown up together since kindergarten. This year's performance was a wonderful as any of them.

The Photo of the girls are Summer's friends who played T-ball and soccer together starting their first grade year. Different dads served as coaches, and moms did the snack and hair thing. They were never really a sports team, but a sorority. Only one actually played sports in high school.

Amazingly, they all stayed friends through high school and keep in touch throughout the year. They went to different colleges: Baylor, A&M, Emory, Mizou, and SMU, and usually reconnect every Christmas break. They set everything aside to make the trip to the Meyerson. It's a very special thing to be in a community of fami…