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Showing posts from April 19, 2009

Boston Again

In the 80th year of my father's life and in the first year in my granddaughter's life I ran my seventh Boston Marathon. It was not pretty, but I finished, and I believe I am finished with this difficult course. Thanks to Billy Allen and adidas I have been able to not only run the marathon but bring friends to join me in this historic marathon.
This year Greg Sankey (read his blog on today's event), long-time friend and who is running a marathon a month this year, Hector Retta, college roommate, and his daughter, Emilia, made the run from Hopkington to Boston. They finished far in front of me, and I was glad they got to experience the event.
We gathered on The Commons to board the buses to Hopkington and then waited 2 hours waiting for a port-a-potty and for the run to begin. It was cloudy and cold today; and, add to that a 10 to 15 mph wind in your face from the east and you have the makings of a long day.

I had been sick all this past week, and I started out slowly and tap…