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Showing posts from June 4, 2006

Ouachita Trail 50 Mile

On April 22 I made an effort to run the Ouachita Trail 50 Mile run. I had driven up with 3 other runners and was even able to see Grant and Amy English and their family the night before. Grant was an intern at Legacy before landing in West Little Rock. The Start/Finish of the run was less than 15 minutes from the Grace Church parking lot where Grant serves on staff.

I had not trained hard for the 50 miler, but I felt I was rested and strong enough to take a second run at the Ouachita National Forrest trails. I had heard the course was rugged, but I had no idea how rugged until I had begun the run.

Here's a picture of the approach to Pinnacle Mountain. That's the peak in front of us. Also, this is about 3 miles into the run.

As we approached the "mountain," I found myself climbing the face of a boulder field. I definitely was not trained for this...Still only 6 or 7 miles from the start!

But, like with every hard climb there is a beautiful sunrise to view from the top.