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The Saddest Part of the Lance Armstrong Story

I was a Lance Armstrong supporter from the beginning. He grew up where I live, and I bought my road bike and gear from Richardson Bike Mart, the store he rode out of when he began his triathlon career. He was a hero whom I pointed to often in conversations, writing, and messages as an example of what persistence and the human spirit can overcome. I believed him until the trophies started falling, and then I wondered. Not until he gave the series of "yeses" to Oprah's questions was I totally convinced he had been lying to us all.
I have ridden three times in the Ride for the Roses in Austin, raising funds for his foundation, LiveStrong. One of the most meaningful finishes in my life was riding with my cancer-survivor friend, Paul Olson, who finished the ride after much pain but with great joy. That ride down the final stretch with him as he received his survivor rose touched me deeply, and I gladly gave to the foundation Lance started.
I know Lance was not a man of faith.