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A Day of Prayer--noon

As a LifeGroup leader at Legacy Church, you are a shepherd or pastor for those in your group. You embody our core value that "authentic community fosters spiritual growth and transforms lives."

Your role is not just an administrative position to see that everyone attends or that there are enough snacks. Your primary role is not even to make sure you cover the curriculum for the meeting.

Your role as a shepherd or pastor is to nurture and care for the spiritual well-being of those in your group. This is an awesome responsibility, but can be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

To care spiritually for someone you must first to know his or her needs.

Pause now and look through your roster.

Do you know everyone in the group?
Do you know where they are on their spiritual journey?
Have you taken time to ask what they are expecting by being in your group?

As you go through the roster, say the name of each person and pray the prayer Paul prayed for his friends in Ephesus for them. You can

A Day of Prayer

Today we have asked the Legacy Church LifeGroup leaders to make time in their day to pray and fast for those they will lead this semester in their groups. Join us if you like as we fast and pray.

Fasting is to spiritual health what eating is to physical health. You fast in order to feed your soul. You eat to feed your body. Today, prepare a spiritual meal for your soul as you pray for those whom you will serve through spiritual leadership.

Just as you replace french fries and milk shakes with vegetables and fruit to improve your physical health, you replace full meals and caffeine, for example, with prayer and Bible reading to make room in your life for the Holy Spirit to transform you.

Substitute a meal or cup of coffee and read Psalm 103 this morning. Use the time you would use to prepare and eat your meal to read and digest the message of this song of praise to the God of grace and mercy.

Let the words of the psalm guide your heart to God and join the writer in praise to our great God.…

A Conference, Worship, and Triathlon

What do a Vietnamese Baptist Theological School, Legacy Church, and a triathlon have in common? Not much except they are the markers for my Labor Day weekend journey.

I was privileged to be part of the graduation of over a dozen students from VBTS on Friday night in Houston. One of the men was 70 years old and had completed his Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministries from the school. He inspired me to never give up learning. Saturday morning I led a seminar for 122 pastors and church leaders through the principles of servant leadership. I am blessed to be part of what this group is doing to equip its leaders and mobilize them to change the world.

Sunday, I worshiped with Legacy Church as we shared communion, sang, and saw how painfully we are too much like Jonah in our whining about how God treats others. We are grateful for His grace toward us and those like us. The rub is in His unmerited favor on our enemies and those we are convinced do not deserve His pardon. You can hear the mess…