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Back to Whistler

We couldn't stand it. We had to go back to Whistler. So, immediately after class and a quick lunch at SubWay, we headed back to our favorite place on the trip so far.

Here is one of the official site signs for the coming Olympics in 2010. We guess the "sliding sports" include the luge and the bobsled. Not sure what else that would be except maybe that thing where you slide rocks on ice and two people sweep in front of it with brooms and you hit a bulls eye...whatever.

We had time to take the trail from the Village to Lost Lake. It was beautiful like the entire place...Kim made a stop at one of the modern washrooms along the trail. I prefer nature.

We ended the afternoon with dinner at one of the many cafes along the Village Stroll through the Village. Edamame and soup hit the spot.

The ride back was slow because of all the construction to widen the Sea to Sky Highway for the Olympics. A lot of stopping and waiting, but that gave us more time to soak in the beauty of the scen…

Lessons from 1 Corinthians

What a privilege it is to learn from Gordon Fee. His commentary on 1 Corinthians is a standard on the biblical letter. He wrote it in 1987, and it is quoted by every major work on Paul's letter since then. Reading an author is one thing, hearing and seeing his passion and knowledge is another.

Here are some things that sitting in Fee's class has either reminded me or taught me about Paul's message to this culturally entrenched group of people who were at odds with their founding pastor because he would not conform to their values or expectations of him or the message he preached to them while he lived there for 18 months.
everything in 1 Corinthians revolves around and flows out of 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 because what was at stake was the very essence of the gospel, which Paul preached and the Corinthian leaders no longer seemed to accept as adequate. Divisions in the church was only one issue that resulted from their perversion of the gospel.
the essence of the Christian messa…

Regent College

We traveled from Whistler back to Vancouver Sunday evening after an amazing day in the mountain resort. We noticed that while in the winter you have skiers walking from the slopes to their cars or hotels, in the summer you have cyclists doing the same. Mountain biking is huge here. Next week is a big Xtreme style bike festival there. (Watch the video. They are nuts)

We did see some skiers and snow boarders who were coming down from slopes on the upper glaciers. You take two chair lifts, a bus, then another chairlift to get to the t-bars that carry you up the glacier...IN JULY!

On the way home we continued to marvel at the scenery. The outcrop at the top of the page is outside Squamish. How would you like that for a backdrop for going to work every day?

The other picture is toward Vancouver from a "viewpoint" along Highway 99. Even digital pics cannot capture what you experience as you stand and look at God's awesome creation.

We made our way to the Carey Centre on the campus…

To Whistler

Yesterday we ate breakfast at the hotel, which was quite good, and took the Grayline Bus Tour through Victoria. It was informative and the tour guy, Bob--how do we keep coming up with Bobs everywhere we go?--did a great job. We ended the tour, shopped a bit more, and then headed off on the next leg of our journey.

We spent the rest of the day driving and floating from Victoria to Whistler. Highway 1, the Trans-Canadian highway on Vancouver Island, which begins at "Mile 0" in Victoria, is a ride you have to take. After the ferry ride to Horseshoe Bay and on our trip up Highway 99 to Whistler, all Kim and I could say to each other was "Oh my, I've never seen anything this beautiful." Then we'd be quiet for a while and say it again. God did some good work up here. I know why Bruce and Jill Walpole arranged this part the trip.

Vancouver and Whistler will be the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. So, as we got closer to Whistler ski area where we are staying, we be…