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Showing posts from December 31, 2006

The rest of vacation

We ended our time in VA seeing Historic Jamestowne.

Here's Summer in her ranger outfit after several great Christmas meals in Williamsburg.

After our trips we all now know the dates 1607 and 1776 and their importance to our country's history. See, learning can be fun!

On the return trip to Richmond to catch our plane we stopped by the Shirley Plantation. It was built in 1613 and eleven generations of the same family have inhabited the working plantation.

Here are Summer and me standing in front of the root cellar, which was actually the foundation of a structure that burned down some time ago and became the family's cool storage.

It was a great trip, and we returned home in time for worship at Legacy on the 31st and a New Year's Eve celebration at home with Storey, Graham and Summer.

We are grateful for the time away and the time to be together in interesting places.