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Showing posts from October 9, 2011

running in reverse

I'm training for my next half-marathon as part of the Chosen: Marathon for Adoption at the end of this month. I'm running with Team Bowen, who are raising money to adopt a child from Russia. (You can read their story here and contribute to their adoption if you like.)

I do my training for runs mostly on the Chisholm Trail in Plano. I can connect with the trail about a mile from my house, and it provides up to 13 miles of continuous running/riding trails. (I typically run in the grass alongside the concrete path.)

This morning I went out for a 6-mile run (64F, 97% humidity), and as I got close to the trail I decided to run my usual course in reverse. In doing so, I ran faster, fresher, and all the bridges, houses, crossings, and scenery looked different. Uphills became downhills and vice versa. Even the ducks along the banks looked different. That choice changed how I saw what I had seen hundreds of times before.I recommend you try running familiar training routes in reverse …