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Showing posts from September 19, 2010

A Locker Room and Church

My son-in-law is an account executive for the newly forming, Frisco-based, Texas Legends, an NBA D-League team. Last Saturday, he invited us to a walk-through of the Dallas Mavericks practice facilities and locker room.

I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I have been to enough games to definitely jump at the chance when Ryan invited Graham and me to join him.

We were greeted by Donnie Nelson, the owner of the Legends, in the Mavs practice court under the AAC arena. I soon found myself intrigued with the special nature of what I was getting to do. This was where the sweat and coaching of a championship team took place before and between games.

We were then led into the locker room where the players "live" during the season. Our host kept saying that everything is within 10 feet of the players' lockers so they could train and be cared for without excuses of distance or inconvenience.

That's Graham and me at Dirk Nowitski's locker wearing his practice jerseys. I only thoug…