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Following Jesus No Matter Who Won

I finished our series "Jesus For President" this past Sunday. I interviewed myself as someone whose candidate did not win the presidential election. If you want to hear my thoughts on the events of the week, go to the Legacy Church website.

The irony to me about a biblical worldview on ruling governments is that our Leader, Jesus, and his two most prominent followers, Peter and Paul, all insisted we submit to, honor and pray for "all those in authority," and those very same authorities turned around and executed each of them.

I'm not suggesting in ANY WAY our new President will lead us all to prison--although some crazy evangelicals told me he would on their blogs and emails. What I AM SAYING is that no matter who rules--your candidate or a ruler you had no say in his ruling--as Christ followers we are to follow Jesus and his teachings first, then follow the dictates of our hearts and party platforms.

I'm not completely clear why or how God puts in place evil …